January 29, 2009

Knives vs. Broken Bottles

I see there’s a new app called “Bar Fight Bottle” up on the App Store.  Could somebody please explain to me why a picture of a bottle meant to cut somebody in a bar fight is acceptable and a picture of my kitchen knife is not?

January 9, 2009

Horn Is Available

At last!  Forty-six days later, Horn is now available on the App Store.  I submitted it back on November 23:  the same day I submitted Guimbarde.  In the time it took for Horn to be approved, I submitted and had approved two completely new Apps (Guimbarde and Consider) plus updates for two others (Dates and Ball).  Each of those took mere days for approval.

It will be interesting to see if there is now a bombardment of other Air Horn-style apps to the store to coincide with the approval of Horn.