March 11, 2009

Mystery House

Mystery House pioneered the graphic adventure game genre on the Apple II back in the 1980s. Lovingly recreated in all its hand-drawn glory, the iPhone version is faithful to the original experience.

I’m not exactly sure how the idea to bring Mystery House to the iPhone wormed its way into my head, but I’m glad it did. Recreating the game was an extremely fun experience. Even if nobody buys it, it was still well worth the effort on my part.

I’m trying something different this time around, too. I sent out press releases announcing the game to a number of web sites catering to the iPhone. I’m hoping that at least a couple of them will pick it up and post a link in order to drum up some interest. There are so many apps (especially games) on the App Store that unless you get some publicity, it’s difficult for anyone to come upon any specific one by happenstance.