April 5, 2009

App Pirates

As I feared, piracy is fairly rampant with iPhone/iPod Touch apps. Last night I received an email for Artsiness technical support requesting help with my well-received port of Mystery House. I put in a bit of code to detect when the App is being played illegally. I let the game play regularly for a few turns, then it nefariously ends prematurely with a note prodding the user to actually purchase the game. The user clearly ran into that situation and wrote to ask why it happens. Perhaps I should have made the end-game notice a little more obvious. But either way, I find it interesting that someone will both take the game without paying for it and try to get support from the author.

It provides me some satisfaction that the piracy-detection code is doing its job. It looks like I will be adding that in to all future products.

April 4, 2009

The Queen

I ran across an interesting cartoon. It makes a passing reference (at least I think so) to my Slasher app. They call theirs iKnight, but I’m pretty sure they had Slasher in mind when they wrote up their parody. The funny thing about the cartoon to me is that of all the people who were most offended, the British seemed to top the list. Of course, they have a rash of knife attacks and that’s not anything to make light of. But an app on a phone cannot compare to a real knife.

On a side note, a lot of other “weaponry” apps such as guns and grenades have been showing up on the App Store. I’ve made yet another appeal to get Slasher back on the store, but so far haven’t heard anything back. I saw a news story recently about how the British are up-in-arms (ha ha) about all the firearm simulations in the App Store. I hope Apple does not cave in and remove those apps.