June 17, 2009


In a major step forward, OS 3.0 gives the iPhone and iPod Touch the ability to copy and paste. With Stickum installed, it is easy to make lists of frequently used copy and paste items. With a simple tap, instantly copy an item from the Favorites list and it is ready to paste into any other app.

Stickum shows the contents and structure of the current pasteboard, as well as saved favorite items, and allows for editing of the information as well. It is a breeze to change the content of copied text, add a new image from the photo library, or even modify a copied URL.

June 2, 2009

Slasher is back!


I just received a call from Apple. Slasher is now available again on the App Store. It took a few months of unanswered emails and a couple phone calls to finally be heard. Frankly, I’d almost given up. But now it’s back!