August 28, 2009

Address Book Dates & Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Back when I started Artsiness there was no iPhone. I had the simple ambition just to publish a few of my side Macintosh projects. When the iPhone arrived, I started playing around a bit with it, and before I knew it, it was the sole focus of my time. I originally thought the phone would be a side-side project to the Mac. It is quite remarkable that the phone commands the majority of my time, and the Mac is the side-side project. But I digress.......
Now that Mac OS X 10.6 is here, I went back to update my Mac projects to ensure they worked properly. All Druthers needed was a simple recompile (and a few internal type changes) to be compatible. Address Book Dates, however, has been a different story entirely.
It turns out that Address Book has some bugs. I filed bug reports with Apple of course, but alas, they were not fixed for the final 10.6 build. What this means is that I’m now stuck in a situation with no satisfying resolution. My options are:
A) Simply finish up the Address Book Dates changes and publish them with known bad bugs
B) Do not put out Address Book Dates for 10.6 until Apple fixes their bugs
I’ve chosen to go with option B. The bugs are extremely bad. (For example with Birthdays, the Address Book does not tell me the real birthday date so all calculations are completely wrong.) About the only good thing I see is that the existing Address Book Dates product does not work at all in 10.6, so if you do have old plug-ins lying around, they will not give you bad results either.
In the past, Apple has traditionally come out with an update relatively quickly after the initial OS release. Hopefully my bugs will be addressed promptly and I can then have Address Book Dates on 10.6. Until then, if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can use Dates to keep up with birthdays and anniversaries and such.

August 26, 2009

Meteorology v2.0

At long last, Meteorology v2.0 has been approved on the App Store. Apple has been bragging recently about how after an App submission, it takes “only 14 days” for most to be approved. What they don’t say is that if an app is rejected, it takes yet another 14 days, so as a developer you’ve pretty much lost an entire month worth of sales. (That’s if you’re lucky and it isn’t rejected a second or third time...)

Meteorology v2.0 was rejected only once, so for that I guess I was lucky. And the rejection was for a nit-pick item—I’m glad I fixed it, of course, but for something so minor I would have rather had the App on sale and then fixed it with an immediate (ok, not immediate, it would take two weeks for approval) update.

Back to Meteorology, in case you missed the first version: Meteorology displays comprehensive animated weather radar maps from the NOAA National Weather Service (