August 26, 2009

Meteorology v2.0

At long last, Meteorology v2.0 has been approved on the App Store. Apple has been bragging recently about how after an App submission, it takes “only 14 days” for most to be approved. What they don’t say is that if an app is rejected, it takes yet another 14 days, so as a developer you’ve pretty much lost an entire month worth of sales. (That’s if you’re lucky and it isn’t rejected a second or third time...)

Meteorology v2.0 was rejected only once, so for that I guess I was lucky. And the rejection was for a nit-pick item—I’m glad I fixed it, of course, but for something so minor I would have rather had the App on sale and then fixed it with an immediate (ok, not immediate, it would take two weeks for approval) update.

Back to Meteorology, in case you missed the first version: Meteorology displays comprehensive animated weather radar maps from the NOAA National Weather Service (