April 23, 2010

Macintosh Horn

...because sometimes you just need an Air Horn for the Mac!

It doesn’t make as much sense to have Horn on the Mac as it does on the always-in-your-pocket-and-ready-for-action Horn on the iPhone.  But the recent actions from Apple in disallowing Horn for the iPad made me want to rebel against “The Man.”  You see, Apple has absolutely no influence over what I can or cannot make for the Mac.  So, even though it isn’t the world’s greatest Mac software, the point is that I can do it.  And it’s even a bit of fun.

So go out an enjoy the Mac version of Horn.  For free!  Yes, I’m gladly giving away the Mac version.  Perhaps it will drum up some iPhone / iPod Touch sales along the way.  (I wish I could include iPad in the list, but, alas, yeah, um, “The Man” is keeping me down.)

P.S. I almost worked on a Mac version of Slasher too since it’s also not allowed on the iPad.  However I didn’t have a decent solution for the lack of an accelerometer, which is the whole point of the App.  Somehow clicking on the knife just doesn’t have quite the same feel as shaking the phone.