July 13, 2010

I couldn’t stay away…

I tried.  I tried not to do it.  The iPhone kept beckoning me, though, and eventually I had to succumb to its siren call.  If you’ve been watching your App Store updates page, you’ll already have noticed that quite a few updates became live recently for my Apps.  I went back and threw in some updated graphics for the new iPhone 4 screen.  (I love the new high resolution screen!)  Yes, I know, I said I wouldn’t be doing any more iOS development.  I really did stick to my plan.  But I changed my mind when the new iOS 4 and iPhone 4 hit the streets.

Most of the Apps (Ball, Circle Theory, Guimbarde, and Meteorology) just received new graphics and a few fixes for bugs only present on iOS 4.

Dates, however, does get some new functionality for iOS 4.  It now shows a badge on its App icon indicating how many events there are for the current day.  I’d always wanted that feature but it was impractical in prior OS versions as when the day changed and Dates wasn’t running, the count would not change.  With iOS 4 I can now post some notifications so the count stays current even when Dates is not running.  Nifty!

I updated Horn and Slasher with new higher resolution graphics too.  Slasher is still waiting for approval.  However, Horn was approved.  Wait… what?  Approved?  I submitted it with iPad support still in there!  What ever happened to the App Store policy that “do-nothing” Apps are not allowed on the iPad?  Oh yeah.  Just as I suspected.  It’s a totally capricious system.  I half expect Horn to be approved and Slasher denied.

So… a bit more on Slasher still being in review:  I submitted everything on exactly the same day.  (June 24, the day the iPhone 4 came out.)  Dates even was rejected once and I resubmitted it.  I even submitted a brand new App, Waft, over the July 4 weekend and it was approved before Slasher.  I guess the internal App Store politics are hard at work thinking about pictures of Knives…

I’ve been rather critical (since day one) of what they call the App Store “curation” process.  It’s not curation as that presented by a museum.  It’s a bouncer at the front door of a club only letting the pretty girls inside.  Or the girls with rich daddies.  And every so often, a girl slips in through the side door when the bouncer is not paying attention.