August 18, 2010


I initially tried some iAd experimentation with my free app, Waft.  So far the jury is still out on whether or not it’s better than charging for the app directly.  I put an in-app purchase inside Waft to disable the ads.  As far as I can tell, nobody has used that feature at all.

…so my next iAd experiment, Keystroke, leaves out the in-app purchase feature.  That’s right — I have a new App in the store.  I had been playing around a long time ago with making an App that could type the entire gamut of Emoji, but I never got around to polishing it up enough to be a viable product.  Once I got back into the iPhone game, I dusted the old project off (actually I started it completely fresh with no code from the original prototype) and filled in all the missing blanks, including localization to a ton of languages.  I left in-app purchase out of Keystroke for now as it seems to be more work than it’s worth, especially since Keystroke is such a simple App to start with.