October 22, 2010

Mac App Store

I’m a bit torn on the upcoming Mac App Store.  On the one hand, it will be a fantastic way to distribute applications for the Mac.  (When did they stop being called applications?  Probably the same time when everyone stopped saying Macintosh.)  On the other hand, the restrictions are horrible.

For instance, none of my current Mac software meets the criteria for distribution on the Mac App Store.  That’s OK.  I don’t really mind.  I’ll keep on distributing it the old fashioned way.  I may be relegated to obscurity, but since I haven’t ever tried to make any money with the Mac, I won’t feel bad.  Creating my Mac software has always been a fun pastime for me — it was never about being “famous” or “popular” or “wealthy.”  (Although money certainly would be nice…)

Even if I were to develop some Mac software that would fit in the Mac App Store distribution channel, I still think I’d go my own way.  Based on the trouble I’ve already had on the iOS App Store, it’s simply not worth it to me.  Will I begrudge anyone who feels differently?  Of course not!  I’m sure the Mac App Store will be a fantastic new distribution channel for many developers and customers alike.  I just won’t be one of the developers partaking in it.