November 3, 2012

Keystroke bites the dust

Well what do you know… it’s happened yet again.  Apple decided my Keystroke app isn’t “useful” enough to remain on the App Store, so they pulled the plug.  At first I was a bit miffed they were censoring me, but then I realized it couldn’t possibly be only me.  Sure enough, in the last day or so there have been other news reports that any App on the store that simply mentions Emoji is being shut down.

Granted, my Keystroke app was much more useful before iOS 6 hit the streets, as Emoji was a cumbersome item to enable.  But with iOS 6, everyone gets it for free.  The Emoji Apps that Apple is targeting, I assume, were around to try and enable the hidden built-in Apple Emoji keyboard.  What made Keystroke different was that it provided its own custom keyboard implementation.  And it also provided access to other built-in Apple keyboards so you could compose messages with the keyboard of your choice.  Keystroke wasn't just an Emoji-enabler, it was a message composition tool with switchable keyboards (only one of which was a custom Emoji keyboard).

I wrote back to Apple pleading my case to have Keystroke reinstated, as its sole function does not revolve around Emoji.  I suspect it will fall on deaf ears.

Nevertheless, this is yet another instance of where the App Store curation process has gone over-the-top to yank off Apps that only they don’t want.  Another instance of poking developers in the eye.  Another annoyance to me making me reconsider why I’m still putting any work into iOS since it can all be wiped out with the wave of someone else’s hand…